MWTMC Membership Bio

Name you go by:


Background (professional): 

I have a BS in Information Systems Technologies with a specialization in Network and Information Security.

I currently work as a Wireless Systems Engineer, designing enterprise level Cisco Wireless networks.

Background (personal): 

I grew up in West Chicago, IL. I attended SIU Carbondale, where I met my wife. She and I both worked for the university on the Network Engineering Wireless Team. We moved to Wisconsin last year and are currently buying our first home!

Hobbies, interests, passions: 

I have loved the outdoors as long as I can remember. I spent my summers at my Grandma’s on the lake, so fishing has always been a big part of my life. I got into computers in high school, and haven’t looked back. I love tinkering with them and playing computer games.

Activities I would consider sponsoring: 

Anything dealing with technology, specifically computer security and maintenance. Understanding wireless signal and how it works, building your own desktop computer

Activities I would consider participating: 

LAN Parties, 3D printing, robotics, group activities

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