MWTMC Membership Bio

Name you go by:


Background (professional): 

I have a Bachelors of Fine Art with a specialization in ceramics and a minor in art history.

I specialized in large figure ceramic sculptures, reaching upwards of 4 1/2 feet tall

Background (personal): 

I grew up in Bartonville, IL and was very involved in the arts throughout high school.  Band, choir, welding, theatre, photography, speech.  I loved it all.  I attended SIU Carbondale where I met my husband.  I pursued a double major for awhile in art and information systems tech. I worked as an IT wireless technician while in college, but ultimately pursued my passion for art. My husband and I moved to Wisconsin last year and are in the process of buying our first home together! We love to come visit all of our family and friends in the Peoria area and participate at MWTMC as much as we can.

Hobbies, interests, passions: 

If it’s artistic in anyway I have probably dabbled in it.  I enjoy sewing, jewelry making, knitting, and photography.  I also enjoy ceramics, welding, and kiln formed glass. you can also catch me making handmade cards, and stuffed animals. I love to cook and bake tasty treats and dishes from around the world.  During the warmer months, I enjoy being outdoors, going camping and fishing.

Activities I would consider sponsoring: 

A pottery or hand-building ceramics class, abstract painting, cooking class, kiln formed glass, and beginning photoshop/inDesign.

Activities I would consider participating: 

Just about everything we do here interests me. 3D printing, technology, cooking classes, textiles, art, and group projects.

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