MWTMC Membership Bio

Name you go by:


Background (professional): 

I have 2 degrees, Associates in Multi-Media Design mainly focused in graphic design and animation. And a Bachelors in Film Post-Production.

Background (personal): 

I was born in Georgia, took my first steps in Germany, learned to ride a bike in Kentucky, went to high school in Bartonville, changed my life in Chicago, and now I’m chasing dreams in the most unlikely of places.

Hobbies, interests, passions: 

Film making, animation, voice acting, gaming (video games, arcade, table top, rpgs), music (singing or playing).

Activities I would consider sponsoring: 

Filmmaking classes: End to end production, screenwriting, pre-production, working on location or a set, editing, post-production.

Running a YouTube channel?

I know I’m not a mega YouTube celebrity just yet, but I could explain what I do, how I plan to make it a lucrative business, and what it takes to get one going.

Activities I would consider participating: 

Classes in different things from computer assembly, to costume design. Also, collaborative projects to bring the members together, to meet and work together toward a goal as a whole. I have no suggestions for what that could be at the moment. So helpful, I know.

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