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LAN & Game Party

MWTMC is kicking off the summer with a LAN & Game party on Saturday, July 26th from 11AM to 11PM! Anyone is welcome, and anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the duration of the party. We will be playing a variety of computer games and board games, so there will be something fun for everyone to enjoy. Pizza and soda will be provided. More details for each follow.

Note: An optional $10 donation to cover costs is appreciated.
Cash, check, and card (via Square) are accepted

PC Games

We are offering a mix of free and paid games for this LAN party. Don’t worry if you don’t own any games — you can always download and play the free ones!

Games to play:

For computer games, there are a few requirements:

  1. Bring your own computer, power cord, and accessories.
  2. Please bring your own 15-25 foot ethernet cord. We will have a limited number of extras.
  3. Please have Steam installed and running on your machine.
  4. Please preload as many of the games as possible. Internet connectivity is available, but not enough for everyone to download all their games.
  5. We will have copies of the Steam backups for you to load, but this does not preclude the Steam rule that you must own the game you are trying to install.

Board Games

Multiple board games will be provided at the centre. Please feel free to bring your own games, but try to ensure that the games are appropriate, as children may be present.

Board games include:

  • Zombie Flux
  • Risk
  • Munchkin
  • Monopoly
  • Pictionary
  • Race For the Galaxy
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Killer Bunnies
  • Seven Wonders
  • Small World


Our address is:

104 Roosevelt Rd.
Bartonville, IL 61607